Updated Blogroll

It’s been a while since I updated my blogroll. A “blogroll” is a list of links to blogs that I read regularly. I took a few old ones out and added these:

  • Aaron TenHarmsel’s photoblog: Aaron is a friend from Rush that takes amazing photos. I recently convinced him to start a WordPress-powered photoblog. He’s an awesome photographer.
  • Binary Impact: My old pal Jon Saed from UIUC has a new WordPress-powered blog with lots of techy goodness.
  • Flickin’ Spit: Chris Byrne (Sadie’s cousin) has a pretty good site of music reviews. It’s got a lot of not-so-mainstream stuff, and it’s the first place I go if I find a new group I like, such as Fleet Foxes.
  • Smarterware: Gina Trapani recently stepped down as lead editor of one of my favorite tech websites, Lifehacker, and started her own blog.
  • xkcd: This is just silly because it should have been on this list long ago. xkcd is the best webcomic, and it comes topped with a heap of geeky goodness. It covers everything from escaping from velociraptors to linux to science and space to school to DRM. It’s simply amazing. I wouldn’t blame you if you went and read the entire archive right now!

Do you have a blog or website I should be reading? Let me know and I’d be happy to add you!

Dumbass, M.D.

You have Some Terminal Condition, which necessitates taking two pills a day: one Pill A and one Pill B. If you neglect to take either pill, you die; if you take more than one A or more than one B, you die. If you don’t take them at exactly the same time, you die.

This morning you are going through you usual routine. You pick up your bottle of A Pills and gently tap one into your palm. Then you pick up your bottle of B Pills and tap it, but two pills accidentally fall into your hand. You now hold three pills (one A and two Bs), you don’t know which are which, and they are completely indistinguishable from each other. The A Pills are the same color as the B Pills, they are the same shape, same size — they are identical in every respect. Man, your doctor is a dumbass. But he’s a rich dumbass, because he’s charging you $10,000,000 a pill! So you dare not throw any away.

Thus, the puzzle: what can you do to ensure that you take only one A Pill and only one B Pill today, without wasting any pills (either today or in the future)?

Copied entirely from Defective Yeti [via xkcd wiki]


Also, I have not solved this yet.

Large Hadron Collider

Will the Large Hadron Collider bring about a cosmic Doomsday event, be used to shoot pidgeons, or just create the Higgs Boson and discover the meaning of life? Only the next few months will tell…

Note to dyslexics: Don’t transpose the “d” and “r” in that second word, or you’ll get an entirely different set of Google search results 😛