Vampire Weekend Review

I discovered the band Vampire Weekend on The Hype Machine Zeitgeist 2008, where their self-titled album came in as the #3 album of the year according to hundreds of music bloggers. I sat down and listened to it all the way through using their lovely built-in player, and I found myself pleasantly surprised. Even though Chris from Flickin’ Spit thinks the album is all buzz, I missed out on any “buzz.”

Vampire Weekend - Vampire WeekendI loved the musicality of the entire album. They combine a cornucopia of instruments including a kettle drum, harpsichord, and a violin if my ears don’t deceive me. I will say that despite listening to it a number of times, the lyrics haven’t stuck with me as being terribly insightful. That doesn’t mean that they’re not, just that they haven’t caught my attention. Still, the musical quality of the album is fantastic. Notable songs for me included A-Punk, M79, Walcott, and The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance. It’s always nice to find a new band to listen to, and I especially like Vampire Weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. Thanks to The Hype Machine!

You can purchase the CD or MP3 Album from Amazon.