Now that’s more like it

Finally, it looks, the project I’ve been working on at school, is going to take off. We implemented a lot of new features this summer that are (hopefully) going to be really useful for the students. In fact, we even received a request today from a student in the Nursing college to get them (and the rest of the University) on board. That’s very exciting. But to be honest a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve already practically gotten more outside activity since classes started a few weeks ago than we did throughout most of last year. I think it helped that the site was up and ready for the M1s when they arrived and we’ve been able to point out some great features it offers. Let’s hope it keeps up!

RMstudents is now a more happening place than it used to be!

RMstudents is now a more happening place than it used to be!

You also might notice that I rearranged the link structure to facilitate a more task-based approach. Hopefully it will make the website easier to use by letting people log in and get right to work doing what they came to do. To see a list of what we’ve added recently, check out the Welcome Back post.

I’ve been slacking

So I realize I’ve been slacking with this website. Turns out med school was a lot more work that I imagined, and a lot of my free time has been spent working on the RMstudents website. Fortunately today we completed our move to ANhosting and there should be more time for development. Anyways, here’s my vow to do better on this website. Plus I’ve added Asides (short “side notes” that aren’t really full-fledged posts), which should be fully functional once I get the customized theme up. More to come in the next week I think…