Portal Trailer

I saw that The Orange Box is on sale on Amazon for $30. The Orange Box is a set of 7 computer games in 1 package for Xbox, PS3, or PC. Now I’m not normally very into computer games, but I did always like puzzle games like Myst when I was younger. I even still have a copy of Myst III somewhere, which I don’t think I ever beat. One of the games included in The Orange Box is called Portal. It has a very interesting premise, namely that your only “weapon” is a gun capable of shooting a 2-way portal. You need to use this portal system in unique ways to solve puzzles and defend yourself. I just watched a trailer while taking a break from studying and it looks like a lot of fun. Portal is available on it’s own for $20 (via Amazon or download from the Steam website) or as part of the Orange box for $40 (or on sale for $30 via Amazon). For those of you using Ubuntu, it appears that The Orange Box works well using Wine.