Rush Proxy Bookmarklet

Graham Walker, a tech-savvy ER Resident who blogs over at The Central Line, recently posted a really nifty little solution to a problem that plagues higher education. Many academic journals require subscriptions to view their contents, and although most school libraries offer proxy accounts to facilitate student access from home, these accounts are often cumbersome to use. His solution was to create a bookmarklet to streamline the process of accessing these materials via proxy account. His video demonstrates how this works really well.

I went ahead and created a Rush University version using his awesome proxy bookmarklet generator. You can create one too by going to the generator and entering: “” (without quotes) and clicking “Make the Bookmarklet!” You can save the new link as one of your favorites or simply drag it into your “bookmarks tool bar” if you use Firefox. Then, the next time you’re browsing your favorite academic journal, hit your bookmarklet to easily access the material via your proxy account. Obviously if you’re at a different institution, substitute your school’s proxy account.

If you’re interested, this is the code:

I’d like to reiterate that I did nothing to write this code, and it’s all thanks to Graham Walker. If you like this code, you may also want to check out Dr. Walker’s incredibly useful

Finals Study Schedule

This is the tentative study schedule. Ugh, I hope I don’t die…

  • Saturday
    • Histo Practice Practicals (2)
    • Review old histo notes
    • Read through Physio (Renal)
    • Physio Practice Exam (if there’s time)
  • Sunday
    • Histo Electron Micrographs
    • Review important histo topics
    • Read through Physio (CV)
    • Physio practice exam
  • Monday
    • Histo Exam
    • Review Physio Workshops
    • Read old anatomy notes
  • Tuesday
    • Physio practice Exam
    • Review Netter plates
    • Read anatomy notes and BRS
    • Physio practice exam 2
  • Wednesday
    • Physio Exam
    • Anatomy Practice Practical
    • Review important anatomy
  • Thursday
    • Read BRS
    • Anatomy Practice Exams
    • Review Embryo (high priority, eh?)
    • Radiographs and cross-sections
    • Review Netter Plates
    • Review until I pass out
  • Friday
    • Anatomy Exam
    • Check vital signs to make sure I’m not dead…