Illegal File Sharers Beware

President Bush signed into law a new cabinet-level position whose sole responsibility will be to monitor and enforce IP violations. This mainly includes copyright violations, which is putting the Executive Branch in the pocket of the RIAA, MPAA, and more. What this means for the illegal file-sharing crowd is still up in the air, but it isn’t gonna be good. I’m glad I’m no longer part of that “bridge to nowhere.” Armed with things like the “Patriot Act”, does the government even need an excuse to snoop on each and every person’s Internet connection in the country?

This sucks. So now instead of copyright reform and mending this incredibly broken IP situation, we break it even more by reinforcing the RIAA and MPAA. To some, this may sound like a good idea. “We’re defending the creative minds in the country and their Intellectual Property, and we’re taking the ‘War on Piracy’ seriously.” The problem is that most of the people who make these arguments don’t actually understand the situation. I wish I had more time to write about this now (maybe after midterms). All I can say is that if you think our current copyright policy needs stricter enforcement to protect our artists, you’re wrong! Check out Free Culture.

On a side note, one thing I don’t like, which others have pointed out, is that Joe Biden loves this sort of thing (stricter enforcement of copyright), and he’s got pals at the RIAA and MPAA that tell him the “truth about copyright.” This is in contrast to Obama’s position. Joe needs to wake up and smell the coffee on this.