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My dad built a computer a few months ago. He has been talking about building a new one for a few years now, so it was about time he got around to it. He had always talked about building a computer that he use to record some of his music on and he wanted something that was more cutting-edge than his current desktop. I think he succeeded quite nicely and although I would tweak a few things if this was a machine for me, I think it fits the bill.

Total: $2200

That’s pretty expensive for a desktop these days. I was really surprised by the expensive sound card, although it does allow him to record multiple inputs, which he plans to use to plug his guitar into the computer. When I built my mom’s budget desktop back in 2008, I was able to do it for about $300 (without a monitor). She was just going for a bare bones system though. Of course this thing is a beast compared to that thing. I’d be interested to see how the Core i7 is working. Apparently, up until a few days ago, he was having trouble with the machine randomly freezing, but it looks like that problem has sorted itself out. He also grabbed a fancy webcam, so we’re able to chat on Skype.

All-in-all, it’s a very nice machine that makes me quite jealous. I had fun giving him my thoughts as he was picking everything out. Too bad I don’t have some spare money lying around because I’ve been brainstorming for an HTPC recently. Oh well, some day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! 😛 Seriously though, thanks for your help. The Win 7 forum was a big help in fixing my memory problem. I’m not sure where I would have found a place to get the proper guidance to avoid that compatibility issue. You can say “I told you so” about the X-fi. The current Creative drivers still don’t work completely. I should have gone with my one of these:
    for less money. Hindsight is 20/20. All in all though, it’s all working really well. I’ll let you know how the recording goes. One of the first up will be “House at Pooh Corner” for Lily, you, Harm, Megan, Matt, and Lauren.Thanks again to you and Usama for all the advice.

    • Those cards look pretty cool too. No need for “I told ya so” though. It’s a good idea for what you wanted to use it for. It’s just weird because everyone used to want Creative cards, but the onboard ones have gotten good enough to where it almost doesn’t even matter. If you weren’t wanting the recording functionality, I’d say it was a waste, but I don’t think there are any onboard ones that can record that well. Hopefully they get their drivers sorted out soon so that you can get full usage out of the thing!

      Also, I see M-Audio offers linux drivers too 🙂

        • True. Although drivers are one thing. Software that supports the inputs and actually works appropriately to do that kind of recording is another. Although I shouldn’t be snarky. I bet there’s stuff out there that can do it. I just don’t have any experience with it.

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