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It’s been a while since I updated my blogroll. A “blogroll” is a list of links to blogs that I read regularly. I took a few old ones out and added these:

  • Aaron TenHarmsel’s photoblog: Aaron is a friend from Rush that takes amazing photos. I recently convinced him to start a WordPress-powered photoblog. He’s an awesome photographer.
  • Binary Impact: My old pal Jon Saed from UIUC has a new WordPress-powered blog with lots of techy goodness.
  • Flickin’ Spit: Chris Byrne (Sadie’s cousin) has a pretty good site of music reviews. It’s got a lot of not-so-mainstream stuff, and it’s the first place I go if I find a new group I like, such as Fleet Foxes.
  • Smarterware: Gina Trapani recently stepped down as lead editor of one of my favorite tech websites, Lifehacker, and started her own blog.
  • xkcd: This is just silly because it should have been on this list long ago. xkcd is the best webcomic, and it comes topped with a heap of geeky goodness. It covers everything from escaping from velociraptors to linux to science and space to school to DRM. It’s simply amazing. I wouldn’t blame you if you went and read the entire archive right now!

Do you have a blog or website I should be reading? Let me know and I’d be happy to add you!

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