M3 Clerkships Lottery

Rush has a “lottery” to determine what order everyone’s M3 clerkships will be in. For those who don’t know, our M3 and M4 years are entirely clinical. We’re supposed to rank them from best to worst depending on our preferences, and a computer program will crunch the numbers and determine which order each student will get. Here’s my top choices:

M3 Clerkship lottery

My picks for the M3 Clerkship lottery

You can’t see the end of my list, but I essentially put everything at the bottom where Internal Medicine and Surgery are last. I prefer to have Medicine in the first half of the year. Surgery is supposed to be the most intense, so I attempted to pad my schedule before and/or after with a break or Psych (a notoriously laid-back rotation). I doubt I’ll change it any before tomorrow. Feel free to suggest changes or let me know what you think!

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