Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes | iface thoughts.  This was a great realization by Mr. Nadgouda.  Making mistakes (and learning from them) is the key to true innovation in any field.  Unfortunately, mistakes are not so “affordable” in medical treatment.

What can we do to continue to advance our field without endangering the lives of patients?  Is the only way to innovate in medicine through approved research?  Or is there a place for innovating and learning from mistakes in every medical practice that will not harm our patients?  What about the efficiency of your office and its dynamics?  What about innovation in the economics of the health care industry?

It’s something to think about.  Unfortunately, I think the threat of being slapped with a lawsuit has stifled a lot of potential innovation in medicine.  There is a fear of making mistakes, and a desire to maintain the status quo.  No doubt we want to reduce the number of negative patient outcomes, but that should not be done at the expense of the future of medicine and its practice.

2 thoughts on “Making Mistakes

  1. Thanks Jonathan for adding to the thought process. Mistakes in some cases can be very expensive, more so in the medical field. Parallel research streams do allow for experiments, however this line of thinking should be applied at an individual level.

  2. yeah lawsuits are definitely having an impact. i feel like now lawsuits are so prevalent (and easier to dig up) that mistakes seem to be occurring more than usual, but in fact it’s still about the same percentage.

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