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I’ve been a big fan of WordPress since I started using it in about 2004. It has grown into such a great blogging platform since those early days, and they’re continuing to push the limits of how blogging software should run. Whether you have your own private blog like I do or you have a free blog hosted on WordPress.com, they give you everything you need to get to make a killer blog.

Since I got my new laptop, I’ve been trying to decorate the plain black lid with some stickers from my favorite software. I got some stickers when I became a student member of the FSF, but I really wanted a WordPress sticker to show my love for the best blogging platform. I was sad to see they don’t sell any in the WordPress store, but they give them out at their conferences. Eventually my web search led me to Maya Desai’s WordPress.com blog. If you leave her a message explaining why you’d like some schwag, I think she might be able to help you out. My request for “a sticker” was fulfilled today:

I got a boatload of WordPress schwag!

I got a boatload of WordPress schwag!

5 thoughts on “WordPress Stickers

  1. Those are very cool WordPress schwag! Thanks to you I found out about Maya’s blog. I left a comment on her blog too and I hope I’d get the same schwag that you got! 😀

    Btw, I got here from Mark Jaquith’s blog. I read your comment on the keyboard shortcut post. 🙂

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