Will Blu-ray pull through?

There’s an interesting discussion over on /. about the future of Blu-ray. Despite beating out HD-DVD a few months back, this format has yet to take off. Too much DRM? Failing economy? Players and movies too expensive? No good titles? Don’t see the benefit of upgrading when you’ve only got a 22″ CRT TV? Take your pick folks. My theory is it’s some combination of all of the above, but the main culprit is that it’s not that much better than regular DVD to justify re-buying my entire movie collection, at least at its current market price.

3 thoughts on “Will Blu-ray pull through?

  1. I think the quality of the video is significantly better than DVD, but you need a high-def TV that’s larger than 40″ to really understand how much better it is.

    But yes: DRM, expensive war w/ HD-DVD and thus delay in dropping prices on Blu-Ray players and movies, confusing specs which are prohibitive towards buying any player except the PS3, and most people don’t have TVs that can really take advantage of the higher definition are all reasons why it’s struggling.

    Most people think Blu-Ray won’t last long enough and that digital distribution will beat it. I also read someone is coming out with yet another format that is actually better than Blu-Ray (not just in quality, but in price and all that). I forget where I read that but I’ll post it here when I find it.

  2. I don’t plan on upgrading to Blu-Ray anytime soon. As you’ve stated, the prices are just too high and I don’t have a HDTV. Also, I have a large DVD collection already and hate the thought of paying 2-4x what I paid originally for the DVD.

    While I plan on upgrading to HDTV in the near future, that purchase alone will set me back from wanting to get Blu-Ray. I’d be more interested in getting HD cable TV and a higher-capcity DVR.

    What really needs to stop is the absurdly high price of Blu-Ray titles, that’s keeping people from switching over. I can see people springing for a Blu-Ray player (after all, why not get a PS3, too?) but $40 for a movie? Meanwhile, I glance over and see 4 titles I can buy for $10 each (or less!) and get more value.

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