Fallacies in Conservative Logic

I have to say that I find this article rather appalling [Sorry, Peter]. Let’s be real here for a moment. How can anyone even consider that argument poignant? Personally, I don’t care what the reasoning was for Palin or her daughter’s decision to keep their babies. The point is that both of them were free to make their choices. The problem is (and the reason things like this repeatedly get brought up is) that Palin stands firmly that all abortions should be illegal (even in the case of rape).

“Pro-life” conservatives need to get off their high horses in thinking that all “pro-choice” people want an abortion. They don’t. They just want the ability to make the decision that’s best for them and their families and not be told what to do with their own body. The real argument of the article basically states that the “pro-choice” folks are appalled that she didn’t have an abortion, despite the fact that her child would likely have Down Syndrome. My response: Who cares whether she had him or not? My issue is with the argument being made. Despite the snarky article, I find it highly suspect that it’s the “pro-choice” crowd actually making that argument. The “pro-life” crowd, on the other hand, putting words in the “pro-choice” folks’ mouths? Now that I can believe. Plus, they can use this to shove in the faces of anyone considering an abortion. I could easily see some conservatives making this argument: “Look, she had her baby even though it is going to have Down Syndrome. Now suck it up, have your baby, and be glad yours was lucky enough to be relatively healthy”. Gimme a break, folks. You’re obviously qualified to make that decision for me because your side is “more moral.” And do you really think that outlawing abortions is going to make everything all better? Many of our patients are still going to try to get them, just by other means. Wire coat hanger anyone? Does that sound safe?

And then in the end, DrRich tries to further tweak the argument by making some sort of appalling, hyperbolic statement like “Down Syndrome babies will be a burden on the health care economy.” Please. Do you really think that people will start making decisions on whether or not to terminate a pregnancy depending on how much it will cost for health care (which most people are not even cognizant enough to think about it for themselves) or whether they “want to have” a sick baby? Don’t minimize the decision of having an abortion. It’s not one to be taken lightly, and I don’t think it is by almost anyone who makes it.

If moral conservatives want to reduce the number of abortions in this country, why not encourage better sex education instead of hiding behind their shroud of preaching abstinence and then wondering why there are so many “unwanted” pregnancies. But that’s not their bag. They’d rather just tell you not to have sex, and when you do and get pregnant, they’ll tell you how to handle it from there, too.

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  1. “Palin stands firmly that all abortions should be illegal (even in the case of rape)” … not entirely true, if the mother’s life is in danger then she’s OK with abortion. Her exact words were, “My personal opinion is that abortion allowed if the life of the mother is endangered.”; source is the Gibson ABC interview.

    This reminds me of Samantha Bee’s (from The Daily Show) visit to the republican national convention, did you happen to catch that? If not you owe it to yourself to watch these 4-5 minutes. Here’s the link. Sorry not sure if it will work in Ubuntu. Actually that page didn’t work for me so you might have to go via the full episode link, and skip to after the first break (about 12min 30sec into the episode). Check it out when you can.

  2. Yeah I saw that. It was great.

    The Daily Show and Colbert Report websites appear to only work under Flash 10. I’ve got it installed on my VirtualBox system, so I’m able to check out their episodes if I want. Stupid flash…

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