Spore opens anti-DRM flood gates

It looks as though the highly anticipated science-based video game Spore, from the makers of SimCity and The Sims, is particularly low-ranked on Amazon. Although the game has met with some lackluster reviews, that’s not the reason for the pitiful rating. It’s because of DRM. Electronic Arts decided that Spore should include DRM that would only allow the purchaser to install the game 3 times. You can call them up and argue for a 4th, but then they’ll want proof that you purchased the game. Even then it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get it. A huge number of computer gamers are so angry about this that they decided to trash the game’s rating on Amazon. At the time of writing this, 616/672 people gave it a 1-star rating. DRM is completely useless, and it doesn’t work. It just makes it harder for actual consumers to make use of what they pay for. Maybe this will finally get that message across to the video game execs. Read a much better article on this topic at Ars Technica

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