Vista gets pwned

Surprise, Surprise. Vista gets seriously pwned at Blackhat 2008 [via Gizmodo]. The exploit is actually based in a bunch of Java and .NET exploit that takes advantage of Internet Explorer’s ActiveX controls. Giz claims that this has potential to infect many other systems (theoretically because they’re not based on platform specific technologies). Although you can’t count it out, it’s highly unlikely that it would affect my Ubuntu install, even if it did access Java on my machine. It will probably also help that OpenJDK was released and will be the default Java installed in Ubuntu. But even if a Java exploit did access my machine, what’s the most it could do? The most it has access to is my /home directory. It can’t damage my actual system. So I’ll back that up and sleep easy for a while. Good luck, Windows users. Oh, and I can’t speak for Macs, but I’m still waiting for the day for that bubble to burst. Could this be it?

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