Fresh Gnome Look

Until recently, I didn’t toy much with the default “look” of Ubuntu. I changed my wallpaper and that was about it. But one of the great things about Linux is how customizable it is. I hadn’t toyed around much with Screenlets or Avant Window Navigator, despite having both of them installed. I’ve been showing both of them off to various people for the last few months and I decided it was about time I changed the look of my desktop (laptop) a bit.

My new Gnome desktop

My new Gnome desktop

All-in-all, I’m liking Screenlets, but I’m still not 100% sold on Avant. People like it because it looks like the Mac launcher thing, but I just don’t know if it adds anything all that useful. But now that I’ve reorganized my menus, Avant feels like a much more important part of my desktop. Also, I really feel like this wallpaper sums up my feelings on my desktop makeover. It makes me feel like my system is capable of seemingly impossible things! If you’re curious what the default Ubuntu desktop look like, you can check it out here.

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