Summer Reading 2008

I kind of fell back in love with reading during my year off from school. I started around Christmas of 2006 and actually got quite a few books read before school started this past Fall. Unfortunately, as you might expect I don’t have a lot of time for leisure reading. Actually, I say that, but it’s a complete lie. Really, I do have time for it, and I just don’t allocate my free time towards it even though I should.

Well regardless, I am going to allocate some time for reading this summer finally. I’ve got a whole bunch of books on my shelf that I’m itching to get ahold of. Here are the ones I’m hoping to crack open:

Wish me luck! See something you think I should be reading? Let me know! I figured if I list them here, I’ll be more likely to make headway on them.

5 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2008

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  1. I know! I just found that on my shelf a few days ago. I may not have time for it. If I don’t get it read this summer I think I’ll be giving it back. Let me know if you want it back sooner. Sorry I suck at getting things done :-/

  2. Hey it’s cool! I may take you upon that offer of returning it though, as I did want this one graduate student I work with to take a look at it. Thanks!

    Btw, did you say you’re going to check out Bioshock? If you’re reading all those Rand books it might be worth it.

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