The Perfect Storm

In my hurry to finish Monday’s post on Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix, I failed to fully grasp the announcement of Dell’s new “mini-Inspiron” netbook/UMPC/MID/subnotebook/whathaveyou. It’s going to ship running the new Ubuntu software (or WinXP) by the end of the month. We’re talking about a main-stream, awesome subnotebook that a ton of people already want (including me), and it’s going to be running Ubuntu. This is going to be huge for the Ubuntu community right off the bat. Bravo, Mr. Shuttleworth. If Apple can get people to use Macs by creating nifty iPods and iPhones, I think Ubuntu can get people to use Linux by creating killer subnotebooks. These new Dells look amazing with a 9″ widescreen, 8-in-1 card reader, webcam, direct media playback buttons, and the Intel Atom. All that for under $500? I only hope they have wireless N and an SSD hard drive option. If they do, these notebooks will quickly take the industry by storm. In fact, with the impending release of Intel’s Atom, Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix, and Dell’s mini-Inspiron, it seems like the perfect storm’s a-brewin’, and I’m loving every minute of it! It seems like the only thing that could affect the forecast is a little bit of Wind. Eeek!

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