Ultimate HTPC?

I began wondering how easy it would be to build an awesome HTPC these days. I then began to wonder about price and abilities of software. Here’s what I came up with. Would you add or change anything?

  • Tasks
    • Play DVDs
    • Copy full DVDs to HDD
    • Shrink DVDs
    • Burn Shrunk DVDs
    • Record TV
    • Watch recorded shows
    • Burn recorded TV to DVD
    • Stream media from other computers on LAN
    • Stream TV and Movies from Hulu and Netflix easily
    • Play music w/ visualizations and/or album art
    • Browse internet*
    • Easily Catalog dvds/shows/movies*
  • Hardware Requirements
    • Abstract: small form factor, silent, remote control, low cost, fast start-up, low power
    • dual-core or quad processor for fast encoding
    • video output with hdmi/hdcp options
    • ATSC tv tuner card (pcHDTV HD-5500?)
    • 2+ large storage (500gb+) SATA hdds (raid)
    • 2gb ram
  • Probable Software

I don’t actually plan on building one of these any time soon (unless I come into some money or something), just thought it would be fun to think about. Oh and * means that I could live without it, but it would be nice to have.

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