Say Cheese!

Well here’s a way to kill two birds with one stone. I’ve been meaning to try out the new WordPress gallery feature on my blog. I’ve also been meaning to see if my Ezonics EzCam IV (EZ-314) webcam works under Ubuntu now. Since it does (plug ‘n play), I was able to mess around with a new program in Ubuntu called Cheese, which allows you to add effects to video from your webcam kind of like Apple’s PhotoBooth. Here’s the result!

2 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. Hi, I also have Ezonics EzCam IV and Ubuntu… I installed Cheese but i just see a black screen… did you compiled cheese or you got it from an ubuntu’s repository?

    See you…

  2. I actually realized recently that I have a different Ezonics camera than I thought, but the process is the same.

    What version of Ubuntu are you running? Most webcams are currently broken in Intrepid (it’s still in Beta), but this one should work in Hardy.

    If you’re in Hardy, make sure it’s got the kernel module loaded correctly. I seem to recall doing this at some point. Run lsmod (that’s a lowercase L) in terminal and see if you have anything loaded like sn9c102 (I think that’s the right number). If not, run: sudo modprobe sn9c102 . If it’s still not working, try creating a bug report or checking out the forums.

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