Netflix Set-top Movie Player

NetFlix announced the release of a new set-top movie player today. Previously, anyone with a NetFlix account costing $8.99 or more per month could stream unlimited full-length movies to their computer. This box will allow you to stream them directly to your TV. The box costs $99, and after that you’ve only got all the movies you can watch displayed right on your TV for $9/month. It looks like the only down-side is that while a large number of movies are available for streaming, there are almost no new releases available. If NetFlix upgrades their streaming selection in the future, this will be an awesome service. It would be cool if they could incorporate Hulu into it too, for a wider selection, but that seems unlikely.

One thought on “Netflix Set-top Movie Player

  1. The box has optical audio out and HDMI, although neither are supported just yet. Later in the year Netflix plans to go HD with some of their streaming content and a firmware or some other sort of software update will allow one to use those capabilities of the box. For now the audio is stereo and the video is 480 (interlaced I believe).

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