Ubuntu Day 8.04

Today marks the release of Ubuntu 8.04, code named “Hardy Heron”. This is the day that occurs twice a year to celebrate the culmination of 6 months of hard work from the folks at Ubuntu, Gnome, Linux Kernel, and the thousands of other free software organizations who’s work is combined to make Ubuntu possible. I have been using the beta version of Ubuntu 8.04 for about a month now, and I can honestly say that I’m really loving it. I’ve got it made, since my ThinkPad contains only free hardware. My graphics card is the fantastic on-board Intel X3100, for which Intel has wisely released all the specifications. This means that Intel graphics work better than almost any other graphics card on Linux. This is especially true compared to nVidia and ATI cards, which many people have. ATI and nVidia do not give good support to the Linux community. This means that Linux users are stuck using their buggy drivers or open-source ones that have been reverse-engineered and are not full-featured. I have an nVidia 6600GT on my desktop, so I will see how things are working on it in a day or two. All-in-all, I think this is a great release from Ubuntu. I can’t help but stand back and marvel at what can be accomplished in the free software community.

In honor of Ubuntu Day, I will be turning my laptop into a make-shift freedom toaster. I’ll be burning and handing out copies of my favorite operating system to anyone who wants to have a look. Try that one with MS Windows or Mac OS! Want to try it out yourself? Go download a copy for free or get a free copy in the mail! If downloads are going too slowly, you can always use BitTorrent (see the list half-way down the page).

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