Pennsylvania Primary

Lawrence Lessig (founder of Creative Commons and Professor of Law at Stanford) has become a strong supporter of Obama. He gave a talk at UPenn a few weeks ago surrounding the importance of Tuesday’s primary in Pennsylvania (via It’s kind of long, but I enjoyed it. I think it also demonstrates a really effective use of Powerpoint (or whatever presentation program he used).

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Primary

  1. Will watch it later tonight but was curious about the way the Powerpoint looked and actually I think he’s using Keynote, wow what a sell out.

    J/k. I have never used OpenOffice’s Powerpoint presentation but do you think it’s that? The fonts look like they’re from OpenOffice.

  2. Could be. I’m not sure. I wasn’t so much talking about the design as the way he used the slide show for his talk. I think I did see a picture of him with a Mac though, so it could very well be Keynote. I’d never heard of that program before.

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