Jonathan is naked

In honor of CSS Naked Day, my website is going naked all day. What does that mean? My website’s style sheet has been removed and all of the content will be displayed as regular old un-styled text, links, lists, and quotes. That means little or no pictures, almost no color, and no formatting. It’s amazing how one little text document can completely change the way a website looks without changing any of its content.

I have known about this since it started a few years back, and I’ve always wanted to participate, especially now that I designed my own theme. The purpose of this day is to remind everyone to appreciate web designers and what they bring to the Internet. Without them, we’d be staring at this clunky looking black-and-white text every day when we get online. I also feel like it’s a reminder of why we should all support web standards. This way designers are free to express themselves artistically and viewers are not required to use one particular browser in order to view it. If there were no web standards, artists wouldn’t even bother making nice designs because only a fraction of the world would be able to view them.

All this clunky text got you down? Refresh yourself with some of the eye candy at CSS Zen Garden and appreciate the artists of the web. Only don’t compare those designs to mine (even on a normal day) or you’ll quickly realize how much of an artist I am not. Thanks to Lorelle for reminding me about today!

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