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I read an article about the future of book industry and authors [hat tip Sadie]. In it, they describe the ways that authors are suffering from the effects of piracy. Many authors are concerned about their lost profits at the hands of e-Book pirates and they are trying to come up with new business models to embrace this new media while still being able to keep the cash coming in. Fortunately, they seem to have a much better grasp on how to solve their problems than the music industry:

“We have to evolve and create a very different pay system, possibly by making the content available free to all and finding a way to get paid separately.” –Tracy Chevalier

If they can follow this concept through, their industry will survive. I have very little hope for the music industry at this point, so the best we can do is learn from their mistakes. Please read that last link. It’s a great article (actually it deserves a post of its own).

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  1. Hey there Jonathan. Good link connecting the author’s plight to that of the music industry. I think it’s refreshing that the book industry is trying to face the problem before it’s too late.

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