Comparing OOXML and ODF

Rob Weir made a simple comparison between Microsoft’s OOXML and the current ISO standard ODF [via Truth Happens]. Both of these are file formats used when saving documents from office suite applications (e.g. MS Office 2007 saves in .docx format, OO.o Writer saves in .odt format). The purpose of having an open standard format is so that when someone creates a document using one application, it can be successfully opened and edited using a different application. Although ODF is the current standard set by an independent international organization, Microsoft is pushing to make their OOXML “another standard”.

5 thoughts on “Comparing OOXML and ODF

  1. Ew, the OOXML formatting instructions were ugly. I don’t think it should be an open standard (at least not the way it is now) but I do hope that, assuming OOXML ever is technically eligible to be considered as an open format, it isn’t rejected just because it’s Microsoft.

  2. I think the funniest part is that MS couldn’t even keep it’s standard between it’s own programs. Doing something like changing the color of text requires using 3 different XML entries depending on whether you’re in a spreadsheet or a text document. They’re all the same in OO.o no matter if your in a spreadsheet or a text document.

    And I do agree that a standard shouldn’t be thrown out just b/c it’s developed by MS. I just feel that the rules shouldn’t be bent for them just because a lot of people use their product. Plus they need to fully comply with their own standard and abide by it, even if the community wants to tweak it.

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