The sun, whose rays are all ablaze

For some reason, this poem popped into my head today that I haven’t thought of in a while. I first heard part of it in the movie Brick, which I liked. I much prefer the way it’s almost recited in the movie over the way it’s sung in the Gilbert and Sullivan show The Mikado. It’s really a great poem, very lyrical.

The sun, whose rays
Are all ablaze
With ever-living glory,
Does not deny
His majesty —
He scorns to tell a story!
He don’t exclaim,
“I blush for shame,
So kindly be indulgent.”
But, fierce and bold,
In fiery gold,
He glories all effulgent!

I mean to rule the earth,
As he the sky —
We really know our worth,
The sun and I!

Observe his flame,
That placid dame,
The moon’s Celestial Highness;
There’s not a trace
Upon her face
Of diffidence or shyness:
She borrows light
That, through the night,
Mankind may all acclaim her!
And, truth to tell,
She lights up well,
So I, for one, don’t blame her!

Ah, pray make no mistake,
We are not shy;
We’re very wide awake,
The moon and I!

-Gilbert & Sullivan

Makes me miss someone though…

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