Google Talk and iTunes 7.6

After seeing a few people’s “status messages” in my Google Chat widget change displaying what song they’re listening to (hat tip: Usama), I thought it would be fun to try this myself. Unfortunately I had just upgraded to iTunes 7.6, and when I installed Google Talk, I wasn’t able to display any of my current music playing in iTunes. If I play things in WMP though, they update my status message just fine. Considering I read somewhere that the Google Talk program hasn’t been updated recently, I tried installing Pidgin (the free software instant messenger in Ubuntu, formerly Gaim) with the MusicTracker plug-in. Unfortunately, this gave the same results as in Google Talk. It worked with WMP but not iTunes 7.6. Did the new iTunes change something, making it incompatible with these two chat clients? If I find out, I’ll let you know. Just FYI, though, I have no evidence that it’s iTunes causing the problem and not something on my end. I just assumed there would be a lot more complaints out there if there was a problem with the 7.5 version.

Whew! That was quite a few links, huh?

Update: It turns out that I had a problem with my iTunes install. Repairing iTunes and re-installing Google Talk and/or Pidgin fixed the problem. I hope that helps anyone else experiencing this problem.

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