I’m not blind

As I check my Rush email this afternoon, I see I’ve gotten yet another reminder to sign up for the Integrate Chicago Conference. This is really irritating, so I decided to do a little search in Gmail to see how many times they’ve emailed me about this. So far I’ve received 10 email since the first of the year telling me about this conference. That’s 10 emails in a little over 2 weeks. I’m not blind, people! Even if I wanted to go to your ICAM conference, I sure as hell don’t need 10 email reminders about it. One email to advertise and maybe one reminder as the sign-up date approaches should be more than sufficient. Maybe not as many people signed up as you would’ve liked, but it surely isn’t due to the lack of email attention they’ve been getting about it. Give it up and give my inbox a rest already!

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