The Office

Well, talk about a productive winter break. I went from never having seen more than 10 minutes of NBC’s The Office to now having seen every episode. I bought Sadie Seasons 1 & 2, and it had me hooked. I’m not going to lie. The show is definitely funny, but if it weren’t for the Jim and Pam storyline, I don’t know if it would have had me hooked. I think that underlying story helps move the plot along and adds tension that a normal comedy or sitcom doesn’t have. And I guess I’m just a sucker for a good love story once and a while.

Ah well, a few notable quotables I picked up:

  • “Two queens on casino night. I’m going to drop a deuce on everybody!” –Michael Scott
  • “It kinda sounds like prison is better than Dunder-Mifflin.” –Pam Beesley
  • “Have you heard of paper?” –Dwight Schrute


One thought on “The Office

  1. I am one of those who saw the UK version first, and so hated the US version. I watched the pilot and was disappointed, and never watched another episode. Then a friend told me that it actually gets better and I should give it another chance, and he was right! Excellent present, by the way.

    By the way I like,

    “Am I going to tell them? No, I don’t see the point of that. As a doctor, you would not tell a patient if they had cancer.” -Michael Scott

    Which strangely enough is from the pilot episode.

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