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After holding out for about 5 years, I finally joined the infamous Facebook over winter break. Although my 2 cousins and sister helped me set up an account, I made the conscious decision to join a few weeks earlier but never got around to it due to finals. My decision to join was definitely not made out of any enthusiasm to their service. Rather I started feeling like I was socially isolating myself from my peers in school, and this is something I want to change. If you’re reading this, feel free to add me as a friend.

I still don’t think I’ll use it too much, but at least I’ve joined, which is half the battle. One thing I have found is a nifty little application called Wordbook, which allows you to add new posts at this blog to my Facebook feed. This will hopefully bring some new blog traffic for me and get some of the people stuck in Facebook out into the real web. Anyways, a more thorough post (rant) of my thoughts on social networks like Facebook and why it took me so long to join is forthcoming.

2 thoughts on “Joining the Facebook

  1. I don’t blame you. I was coerced by two friends in undergrad, but that was only 2yrs after it was a big deal, so congrats on the 5yr hold out. Although my profile is “all tricked out,” I mainly use it to keep in touch with good friends. It works really well for that, by the way. I block everyone who is not in the Rush network save for my friends of course (and actually I blocked people at Rush when we first started but then I thought I need to end my anti-social ways).

    Then Facebook started this whole application business and some profiles have become way too complicated. Aside from video and music, I stick to the ‘official’ Facebook applications (actually, I think video might be Facebook too).

    Well I don’t know if your life will be changed, but you might find some old friends you haven’t thought about in a while, and that can be nice sometimes.

  2. My dearest brother,

    I know that it took you 5 years to join, but I am glad you did. I like being able to write on your wall. sometimes it makes my day 🙂 <3 *muah*

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