I, Robot Review

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov is a collection of short stories told by Dr. Susan Calvin as she is about to retire from her position of chief robot psychologist. First, I’d like to mention that if you were a fan of the movie and are expecting a similar story, you’ll be very disappointed. Aside from the title and a few character’s names, there is basically no overlap between the two. This is not to say that if you enjoyed one you cannot enjoy the other. In fact, I enjoyed both very much for different reasons. Here I am only concerned with the book.
The stories center around the four laws of robotics, ingrained in every robot produced by US Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc. They usually involve a robot acting in a peculiar way, forcing the scientists to assess where the problems in robotic logic are occurring and how they can be remedied. The logic and deductive analysis appealed to me and Asimov’s writing style made the book very enjoyable to read. It was also nice to read separate stories with an overarching theme than a long story since I was reading it during school. With only a few characters to keep track of, the book was easy to pick up and put down whenever I wanted without getting lost trying to remember details I’d read 3 weeks before. The only criticism I have is that, while the problems were interesting, there wasn’t a whole lot of “story,” which some people might interpret as dry. 3.5/5

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