Finals Study Schedule

This is the tentative study schedule. Ugh, I hope I don’t die…

  • Saturday
    • Histo Practice Practicals (2)
    • Review old histo notes
    • Read through Physio (Renal)
    • Physio Practice Exam (if there’s time)
  • Sunday
    • Histo Electron Micrographs
    • Review important histo topics
    • Read through Physio (CV)
    • Physio practice exam
  • Monday
    • Histo Exam
    • Review Physio Workshops
    • Read old anatomy notes
  • Tuesday
    • Physio practice Exam
    • Review Netter plates
    • Read anatomy notes and BRS
    • Physio practice exam 2
  • Wednesday
    • Physio Exam
    • Anatomy Practice Practical
    • Review important anatomy
  • Thursday
    • Read BRS
    • Anatomy Practice Exams
    • Review Embryo (high priority, eh?)
    • Radiographs and cross-sections
    • Review Netter Plates
    • Review until I pass out
  • Friday
    • Anatomy Exam
    • Check vital signs to make sure I’m not dead…

One thought on “Finals Study Schedule

  1. You’ll live. I forget to tell you that I have this blog on my toolbar so I can keep up with your doings. Congrats to Sadie-Jean if she reads this!!

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