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Since my sister got me a nifty 4GB memory card for my phone for my birthday, I can use the Sony Walkman as it was made to be used: like an mp3 player. I discovered this great little program, iTunes Agent, to sync any playlist in iTunes with my non-iPod mp3 player. Sweet! (I’ll write a more complete review in the future…)

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  1. I’m looking forward to it.. I got my sister a 4GB memory card too (not recently, which would be a bit weird and coincidental) but she’d like to be able to manage her playlist in one place. Are the headphones that came with your sony ericsson oddly designed? where one ear piece has a long wire-branch but the other doesn’t? I never understood why that is, I have an ericsson too (but with a built-in 256MB that you can’t change) and its headphones were like that too.

  2. Yes they are oddly designed. I don’t quite get it either. I actually like the earbuds themselves (they sound good), but with the uneven lengths they don’t stay in my ears too well because the microphone piece weighs them down too much. It’s possible to plug your own headphones into the microphone piece, so I may be trying that soon. I’ve never found a pair of earbuds that will stay in my ear though, so maybe I’m just weird. I’m sure I’ll figure out a trick to it soon enough.

    Oh and I highly recommend this program. It works great so far and exactly how I want it to work. Another cool thing is that, while it will work for any type of mp3 player, it seems built with Sony Ericsson phones in mind. It automatically detects them and has default options built in for them.

  3. Thanks, I’ll pass the info on to her. Yeah my sister has problems with getting earbuds to stay in her ear as well, so she loves the ear pieces themselves (because they stay on and as you said they sound good) but the uneven shape makes it difficult to run or bike or whatever with them. The headphones that came with my phone had the same design. My guess was if someone wanted to use one by itself during a phone conversation they can still have the mic close to their mouth. Anyway I use my own headphones with my phone but .. well with only 256MB I don’t really use my phone all that often. Thanks again. On to shoveling snow.

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