First Day Woes

Overall, the first day went pretty well, I thought. One thing that turned me off was Rush’s apparent aversion to some technologies. These were mainly web-based technologies, although according to the computer gurus my Sandisk Cruzer jump drive is frowned upon due to its U3 software package. I can’t say that I blame them, considering the software turned me off at first. Still, once I learned more about what it was used for, I became more tolerant, but I can understand the problems it poses to their network computers. (On a sidenote, however, I noticed that both their speakers today used U3 capable drives.)

But the thing that really irritated me today was our introduction to the Rush email, which is a form of Lotus Notes. First, the instructor stressed the importance of maintaining a separate email address for non-school related material. While I can understand his point, I am dubious as to whether anyone would consider it “unprofessional” for me to use my Rush email account for personal emails. After all, who can tell what the content of my messages are in order to dub them “unprofessional”? It sounds more like a ploy to alleviate Rush email traffic.

Not to worry, however. Lotus Notes was so horrible compared to gmail and Outlook, I thought I was going to pass out. Despite the claim by our instructor that Lotus Notes’ Domino server is incompatible with both Outlook and other POP3 email (which is true, afaik), email forwarding to gmail (which is FALSE), as well as any other email software, I found a work around in about 30 minutes. Good riddance. It’s not like I mind having to figure out a way to work this crap out, but it almost seemed as though the guy giving the presentation was blatantly lying to us. This does not bode well with me.

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